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Chat with your project

Avoid looking for code with answers tailored to your repository.

Ask about your codebase

Save time hunting for a the place to start a change or the right method to call.

Feature 1

Browse documentation

Refer directly to documentation, code definitions, and files.

Feature 1
Feature 1

Make code changes

Stay in flow and focus on what matters by having the AI write low-level logic.

Edit existing code

Change an entire method or class with a single prompt.

Feature 1

Generate from-scratch

Generate code from scratch with a simple instruction.

Feature 1

Spot and fix bugs

Cursor can scan your code for bugs and quickly help you fix problems.

Debug errors

Cursor automatically investigates linter errors and stack traces to figures out the root cause of your bug

Feature 1

Familiar and Secure

One click to migrate all your favorite vscode extensions with local options for security-critical work.

One-click migration

Cursor is a fork of VSCode. Import all your extensions, themes, and keybindings in one-click.

Feature 1
Feature 1

Keep your code private

With local mode, we store none of your code in our servers or logs.

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We are proud to have helped tens of thousands of developers all over the world to be more productive.


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Build software faster in an IDE designed for pair-programming with AI


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